Draper® Screens

Questek Supplies Top Draper® Screens For Any Visualisation Need

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we surround ourselves with the best in terms of expertise and product suppliers.  We can offer you complete visualisation and audiovisual solutions and one of our most esteemed suppliers is Draper®.  Draper® manufactures anything from gymnasium equipment and easels to window shades, lifts and mounts.  However, we mainly supply Draper® screens because we believe that their projection screens are among the best available.

Draper® screens are available in many different variants, depending on your requirements.  Their electric screens come in wall-mounted, ceiling recessed, ceiling-mounted, tab- or non-tab-tensioned variants, so you will always be able to find one that suits your needs.  You can match up your ideal screen and appropriate control option for superior performance and quality.  If you prefer a manual screen, Draper® can supply that too, with a large choice of mounting options.  All Draper® screens are individually inspected to ensure unwavering reliability and top quality.

Rigid rear screens are available as well, whether you need one for a business application or a home theatre system.  The options on offer include projector support structures, video wall framing systems and many other specialised products to put together a proper rear projection project.  Of course, portable screens are offered that allow you to travel light, yet still present that big presentation; this line is available in folding or table top variants for both front and rear projection screens.  Finally, Draper® offers the perfect fixed screen solution for a permanent installation too.

One thing Draper® does not compromise on is image quality, irrespective which one of the numerous Draper® screens you opt for.  Questek Advanced Technologies can install the appropriate Draper® visualisation solution for you today.  For more information, contact us.