Big LCD Screen

See The Whole Picture On A Big LCD Screen


The modern flat screen technology has made the leap to larger displays a much simpler one and advances in the technology used to generate the images have continued to improve performance. First there was plasma, then came LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and, most recently LED (light Emitting Diode). Of the three, the most commonly encountered is the big LCD screen. Even individual monitors based on this technology are now available in 100” screen sizes and greater, while big LCD screen displays of far greater sizes are achievable by interlocking multiple screens.

Whereas the big screen market was once dominated by plasma technology, LCD has proved to be far more efficient both in terms of power consumption and image quality. Modern LCD monitors are now available with bezel sizes of just a few millimetres, making them the ideal way to construct a really big LCD screen. Today most major trade exhibitions and international conferences will feature at least one video wall using this technique to create an exceptionally big LCD screen.

The use of interlocking monitors to construct a big LCD screen is not restricted to flat, or even rectangular constructions. Specially designed units make it possible to assemble a big LCD screen in a variety of two and three-dimensional shapes. Triangles, rhomboids, long strips cylinders and cubes all become quite feasible with the use of special connections that allow the individual monitors to be interlocked with one another at 45 and even 90 degree angles.

Of course, for those who simply want a larger than life experience in their own homes, some companies can now offer home viewers the chance to watch TV on a seriously big LCD screen. Right now, that could mean anything up to 108 inches when measured diagonally although there is little reason to suppose that the big screen LCD manufacturers will stop there.

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