Big Screens

Big Screens For Big Impact


When it comes to advertising, there is little doubt that bigger will, almost invariably, prove to be far better. Over the years display screens with their animated content have replaced static graphic displays and, in turn, big screens have taken the place of smaller ones. In the local pharmacy or supermarket, the advertising medium of preference has become big screens. Their eye-catching appeal, ease of management and reliability has proved to be equally appealing to both the advertisers and the shoppers.

When considering the use of big screens, whether for advertising, for entertainment or even for educational purposes, it is important to consider the circumstances under which they will be used. The ambient light conditions are particularly important when selecting the most appropriate format for the method of display to be used. The choice of big screens is quite considerable but it can be summarised as methods that use projection techniques and those that employ some type of audio visual monitor such as plasma, LCD or LED screens.

Where big screens employ projectors to create their displays, once more there are several different implementations. Back projection, similar to that found in the earliest home theatres, involves projecting an image on to a transparent diffuser panel from the rear. Front projection systems tend to produce somewhat brighter displays with better contrast creating big screens that are far more suitable in surroundings where ambient light levels are high.

Big screens that make use of liquid crystal displays or light emitting diodes have grown rapidly in size since these new technologies first emerged and can now be found with diagonal screen sizes of 100 inches and more. Furthermore, certain models of these already very big screens may be readily interlocked to build big screens of heroic dimensions known as video walls. The units may also be arranged in a variety of shapes as required.

Big screens are invaluable in a wide range of every day applications. Contact us for expert advice and the best visual display products on the market.