Displays Add Impact To Any Event


Even in the days when such things were purely static, professionally designed, colourful displays were used extensively and served to enhance the experience of visitors at events such as exhibitions and conferences by adding visual impact as well as providing a very effective means of instruction. Today, in the age of electronics, displays at such events are no longer purely passive structures but, instead, provide powerful video footage designed to captivate the viewer, and hold his or her attention to an extent never before possible.

Even in the supermarkets and department stores, displays have undergone a dramatic evolution. Although the traditional pull-ups, cut outs and light boxes are still to be found, video walls and recorded demonstrations via TV monitors are rapidly replacing them. These displays, of course, not only offer the advantage of sound but they may be updated quickly and repeatedly to provide information on new products as they are released, while networking allows a single console to control the display content across multiple branches if required.

With the steady demise of monitors employing cathode ray tubes, modern flat screen technology has provided the means to create far larger displays. The individual screens themselves have become larger than possible with CRT technology and the combination of narrow bezels and interlocking units has led to huge displays large enough to address huge audiences and to do so at considerable distances.

Another means still used to create larger displays is projection. Here, the required degree of effectiveness has been achieved not so much through any improvements to the electronics of the projection devices as through the incorporation of advanced optics into the screens that carry the displays. Both back and front projection systems remain in use and are typically to be found in high traffic locations such as sports bars.

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