Large Screen Display Solutions

Large Screen Display Solutions Now Brighter And Clearer


Today, it’s almost impossible to take a walk through a shopping mall or to drive down a main street without being confronted by at least one large screen display. Solutions that regularly employ this exciting new display technology range from these two mainly marketing or promotional activities to such applications as providing close-up monitoring of sporting events and presentations for conferences. There are two main ways to create large screen displays. Solutions may use either projection on to a suitable optical surface or an array of monitor screens depending upon the application.

Sufficient brightness and contrast and a uniform image are the most important requirements of large screen display solutions. Those using conventional rear or front projection screens tend to disperse light which, in turn, leads to a loss of these vitally important qualities. To obtain the required quality using projection to create a large screen display, the solutions are to be found in the nature of the screen surface. Only optical surfaces provide the improved uniformity, brightness and contrast required to produce quality images of such large dimensions.

To be effective, large screen display solutions where images are projected require optical screens. These actually consist of a highly advanced system of optical lenses rather than an inert surface and the result is that, instead of the projected image becoming diffused in all directions, the lens system serves to focus and concentrate projected light. As in the case of conventional projected displays, the optical screens may be used for large screen display solutions based upon either front or back projection.

When using multiple monitors to create large screen display solutions, it’s important to produce the appearance of continuity. Conventional monitors would not have this effect. Their prominent bezels would lead to a segmented appearance. To be truly effective, large screen display solutions require the use of monitors with very small bezels that create an almost totally seamless effect.

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