Touch Screen Displays

Simplicity Is Touch Screen Displays


For anyone who may have a natural aversion to keyboards and typing or who believes that the mouse is simply an annoying rodent, touch screen displays can provide the perfect means to overcome this handicap. In smaller formats such as the touch screen displays of a cellular telephone, a special stylus may be used to activate the instrument’s touch responses while when using larger devices such as internet kiosks, pc tablets or point of sale displays, these may all be operated with just the touch of a finger.

The great advantage of touch screen displays lies in offering the user the means to interface directly with the software without the need of any intermediate device that may require the operator to learn and practice special skills in order to use it. Touch screen displays are increasing in popularity and their versatility has seen them used in a wide variety of applications that range from simple telecommunication in the form of text messages to mobile and online gambling that involve a large number of quite complex interactions.

Touch screen displays have found their way into both the retail and hotel trades where they provide a simple, efficient and, by now, totally invaluable means for generating invoices or for directing food orders from the front of house to the kitchens. In order to perform their function, touch screen displays must be able to detect the presence and precise location of a touch on the screen’s surface. The specialised firmware then passes that positional data to software that executes the required function as if clicking a menu item with the mouse.

One function that utilises touch screen displays has become a part of almost everyone’s everyday life and that is the automated teller machine or ATM. The actual technologies employed to achieve the touch responses may vary considerably between differing touch screen displays and may involve the detection of changes in resistance, capacitance, acoustic pulses or optical imaging to identify and locate a touch.

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