Barco Screens

Barco Screens For Top Performance


One name has for many years been synonymous with quality LED, LCD and other screens is that of Barco. Barco screens are to be found in a wide range of applications, many of which are mission critical and include such fields as medical imaging, traffic management including air traffic control, defence and security operations and, of course, media and entertainment to name just a few. Wherever reliability, performance and versatility are in demand, Barco screens are, in most cases, providing the solutions.

In exploring just the role played by Barco screens in media and entertainment, the applications are numerous. For the organizers of events such as conferences and trade expos, Barco screens provide the ultimate means for creating awesome visual displays. There outstanding performance is also invaluable in many other areas within the entertainment industry including the large screens that are found in most soccer and rugby stadia today as well as in other out of home media applications.

barco screensOn the transportation front, Barco screens are to be found not only at airport towers but also associated with all of the common forms of road transport, public and otherwise as well as in the oversight and management of ports and waterways. Other applications of importance to the public in which Barco screens play a prominent part include the management of utilities such as telecommunication systems, power and water reticulation as well as in the management of oil and gas supplies.

One field that is drawing increasingly on the use of Barco screens is that of education and training. Audio-visuals have long played a vitally important role in all levels of education from primary to tertiary. The much improved displays provided by the superior quality Barco screens are a powerful teaching aid that has extended into the arena of public and adult education by means of a medium that is now widely referred to as edutainment.

Barco screens outperform all rival products and there is one to suite every conceivable application. Contact us to discuss your next screen purchase and guarantee the best return on your investment.