Display Solutions

Display Solutions More Versatile Than Ever


Since the industry first began, there has never been a more powerful collection of tools available to advertisers and marketers than that provided by modern display solutions. Whether the requirement is for an inside or outdoor presentation, whether it needs to be fairly modest in size or of heroic proportions and whether it should be static or mobile, you can be quite certain that there are a number of sophisticated display solutions able to meet any or all of these eventualities.

While billboards still abound, their character has largely changed from the old-fashioned, static paper posters to brightly illuminated and animated messages, following the introduction of various video technologies into today’s display solutions. Monitors that utilise either plasma, liquid crystal display (LCD) or light emitting diode (LED) technology now dominate the scene and may be found in shopping malls, trade exhibitions, airport lounges, sports stadia and many more locations, taking both display solutions and advertising in general to a whole new level.

Perhaps the most dramatic and eye-catching of all modern display solutions is the video wall. These are huge structures, the biggest to date being some 45m in length and located in Las Vegas, formed by interconnecting a number of smaller LED or LCD panels. Equally huge display solutions can be achieved by means of conventional screens and projection. These are of two basic types employing reflective surfaces for front-projection setups and transparent screens for back projection.

Screen technology too has evolved considerably and display solutions utilising projection have improved both in brightness and contrast. One recent addition to the growing selection of display solutions is the LED backdrop or video curtain. These devices offer the combined advantages of being highly portable as well as easy to assemble and install. In addition, they can be sized to fit most walls.

With the huge array of display solutions now at your disposal, it is clear that there is something to suit every situation. For sound professional advice on the best solution for your application and for industry-leading products, be sure to contact us first.