Grayscale Monitor

Grayscale Monitor Solutions For Modern Businesses


Questek Advanced Technologies partners with the top grayscale monitor and colour screen monitor manufacturers in the world to bring clients custom solutions to fit their specific requirements.

Whether a client requires a colour or grayscale monitor for point of sale displays such as the ones used at checkout points, we can provide the technology and the installation expertise.

With touch screen technology now widely used also in grayscale monitor setups it is possible to save time with input and ensure user-friendliness. The typical monitor is connected to a keyboard device allowing for both touch screen and keyboard input. Not only is space saved with the new LCD monitors, but the imaging possibilities are also improved. We provide a wide range of monitors suitable not only for checkout points, but also for point of sale displays and we even provide a range of monitors suitable specifically for the medical industry.

Gone are the days of bulky monitors taking up a lot of space and with limited display capabilities. With the technological advances made the last couple of years, it is now possible to get the best flat screen technology at an affordable price. Although there is still room for the CRT screen in modern society, the lightweight, space saving and perfect image LCD screens available from us, are taking the world by storm.

When it comes to the medical monitor one brand stands out. We are the sole distributors of the famous Barco® brand of monitors specifically suited for the medical industry where crystal clear imaging is of paramount importance. Surgeons and clinical staff appreciate the reliability, sturdiness, and image display abilities of the monitors from the Barco stable of products.

Contact us today for advanced solutions to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need a grayscale monitor solution or a full colour screen, we can assist.