Are You Looking To Buy or Rent Large Screen Display Projectors


There are a number of uses for large screen display projectors (read more), from professional to personal, and there are also many options when it comes to choosing one. Some are front screen projected, while others are projected from the rear. A number of standard sizes suit most needs, but custom-sized screens are available through some distributors.

Home theatres can be outfitted with fixed, portable or wall mounted large display screens. Gaming, DVD, Blue Ray and 3D viewing is superior with large displays. Combination models are available with DVD and Blue Ray players making them more affordable for family use. Portable models are perfect for rooms that serve multiple purposes or for families that will enjoy using them in different parts of the house.

Training rooms can be fitted with fixed, electric, wall mounted or tripod mounted large screen display projectors. These projectors can be front or rear projected. Depending on the size of the room, large screen display projectors can be used to enhance lectures or provide an entire video training series. Portable models are useful if the room serves multiple groups or if more than one room can benefit from a large screen displays projector.

Boardroom applications are very similar to that of training rooms. Whether you are making an entire presentation by video or merely highlighting a few points, front and rear projections can be mounted in a number of ways. Portable models allow you to easily move them from one room to another saving you the expense of buying multiple systems. Tripod models are handy if you need to make presentations at clients’ offices as well as your own.

There are also many advertising uses for large screen display projectors. When not in use at your office or facility, put it to work promoting your business or a special cause. Job fairs, college and career days, seminars and workshops can all benefit from having large screen display projectors. Setting up displays at community events is excellent for public relations, especially if it is to benefit a good cause.

Auditoriums are well suited to fixed large screen display projectors. Standard sizes can be purchased off the shelf, or custom sizes can be built to suit the needs of your facility. Smaller auditoriums might suffice with wall mounted screen projectors. Tripod models can be used by the groups in your facility for outside presentations or special events.

If purchasing a large screen displays projector isn’t in your budget, a number of companies rent them. Technical support in setting up, using them and taking them down again after an event is usually quoted with the rental price. Rentals can be as short term as one day, or you can sign a longer lease where some might even be rented for more than a year. If you are buying the large screen displays projector, compare the lengths of manufacturer’s warranties as well as prices. If it needs to be repaired or replaced this will affect your budget down the road