Traffic and Surveillance Visualisation Solutions

Invest in a Range of High Quality Traffic and Surveillance Visualisation Solutions


Technological advancements have certainly changed the way things are done in terms of safety and security in this day and age. At Questek Advanced Technologies we offer revolutionary traffic and surveillance visualisation solutions to the market at a most affordable rate. Our aim is to ensure that the security industry becomes more efficient and the products used within it, more effective.

Traffic and Surveillance Visualisation Solutions Many businesses have realised the importance and value of having a world class visual system in place and are so making improvements to their systems. The systems that we present to the market integrate all aspects of such a process from the point of image acquisition right through to the management and final display of said image. All of our systems are networked which means that you can gain access to what is being recorded at all times.

By simply installing the right display systems within your business’ security department, you can ensure that you, your assets and staff members are kept safe at all times. Of course recorded data can also be used in criminal cases and it is therefore advised that you have your system monitored by dedicated and professional staff. You can have your system linked up to armed response.

Our products for this particular type of security feature are designed to be installed within a control room. With it you can perform real time collaborative recording, monitoring, response dispatch, access control and so on. At ITS Africa we stock the Barco iSurveillance system and iTraffic system, each of which is designed to support these functionalities and a great deal more. These systems are also designed for use in both small and large control rooms.

Of course it is always best advised that you seek out the professional advice of one of our sales consultants who will ensure that you are presented with the best options available to you and that you are accurately quoted. One of our technical staff members will also ensure that the system you choose to invest in is properly installed and that you and your team are shown how to make use of all of the features and functions that it offers.

Each of our products is supplied with the necessary warrantees and guarantees, and if you should encounter any glitches along the way, we will ensure that you are provided with the relevant assistance in obtaining either a replacement unit or a repair service on the one that you have purchased. We understand the importance of having your surveillance and security system up and running at all times, so you can expect a prompt response and service in this particular situation.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we place a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction and will go out of our way to ensure that our products are not only of the best possible quality, but that there is never any room to argue whether value for money is on offer. We have been serving the South African market for a number of years and are dedicated to providing systems for creating powerful images.

We design and install hardware and software solutions that will make your company’s security department operate at its full potential. We also have a great support and after sales service that will provide you with the needed peace of mind when investing in products of this nature. We encourage all of our clients to browse through our existing range of traffic and surveillance visualisation solutions in order to find items that perfectly suit their specific needs. Our staff members are also always available to discuss the various options available to you and to present you with product related information and advice that will make your decision easier.