Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Bridges All Gaps


Imagine ten or twenty personal assistants in offices at various points around the globe and each faced with the task of making numerous phone calls to book flights, hotel accommodation, hire cars and arrange for the issue of foreign currency. These are the numerous and time-consuming steps required to ensure that their respective executive bosses will be able to meet face-to-face at some pre-agreed venue to discuss mutual business needs. Compare this with the speed and ease of video conferencing and it’s not hard to understand why so many companies are finding that it bridges the geographic gaps far more efficiently and cheaply than travel.

Consider a journey between South Africa and Australia. Not only does the flying time exceed twenty hours but the journey is likely to leave the unfortunate traveller far too exhausted to perform effectively without getting some sleep first. On his or her return, jet lag is likely to decrease performance levels for some time also.

This means that video conferencing could have saved the company several days of a highly paid executive’s productive time spent in unnecessary travel.

Simplifying the Logistics and Saving Money

The sheer difficulty of arranging a time that is mutually agreeable to several delegates can be a daunting task yet, arranging an electronic meeting, with all the benefits of a person-to-person gathering via the video element, can be achieved with little more effort than composing a couple of emails.

When it comes to costs, video conferencing charges tend to pale into insignificance when placed alongside the expenses incurred by international travel and accommodation.

Not Just Simpler but Better

How often have you been in a meeting in another part of town, let alone another country, only to find you could use some input from a colleague or access to a document now beyond your reach? The beauty of an electronic meeting is that it is simple for others to join in and to access and display documents at will.

Video conferencing offers unsurpassed versatility in communications and many of today’s more discerning top executives are no longer asking their PAs to order airline tickets and book hotel rooms but simply to email A,B and C and set up an online meeting for 10h00 tomorrow.

Modern systems allow all sorts of operations such as the uploading and downloading of documents, data files and images of technical drawings and plans. These may be saved to the PC of any participant with access rights, making this type of interaction far more effective than a live meeting.

Any company serious about international business needs to move to video conferencing. Contact us for all you need to get started now.