Video Streaming

Questek Offers DOOH Network Management With Video Streaming

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we align ourselves with the market leading suppliers in all visualisation technology domains to bring you, our client, the best possible visualisation solutions.  To this end, we are proud to install Cayin® digital signage solutions.  Experience powerful remote management for small- and large-scale DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) networks today, the Cayin® way.  The Medium level Cayin® solution even offers live video streaming.

In addition to live video streaming, the Medium solution allows you access control of multiple accounts, playlist central scheduling and content synchronisation and update functions.  Now, administrators can divide a large number of players into different groups and control all of them centrally via a CMS server on its Internet-based user interface.  However, there is also a simpler, Basic Cayin® level available at reduced cost, allowing each SMP player to be managed individually via its Internet-based user interface via a network.  Even at this level, it is still possible to configure multimedia content playback, change each player’s system settings and update contents by Network Neighborhood or FTP.

At the other end of the scale, the Advanced level Cayin® solution delivers on its promise by affording the operator the facility to monitor multiple CMS servers or digital signage networks on a single computer by using Super Monitor.  Super Reporter can generate reports and you can monitor live content and playback updating status.  You will be alerted to of abnormal status and you can even generate detailed playback lists and statistics per project.

As you can see, powerful DOOH network management, complete with remote control, scheduling, video streaming and reporting is available to you today through Cayin® and proudly supplied and installed by Questek Advanced Technologies.  Contact us today for more information.