Barco Video Walls

Barco Video Walls For Indoors And Out


Visual displays or Barco video walls catch the eye of a passer-by but when they are the size of an entire wall, they tend to stop people dead in their tracks. This is, of course, just what their owners want them to do and explains why this type of display has become so popular in recent years. You will find them at trade expos and conferences, in museums, schools and even air traffic control towers.

Barco video wallsare the ideal tool to get a message across in any situation whether in the confines of a shopping mall or conference room or in the wide open space of a soccer game or a pop concert.

barco video wallsSize Definitely Does Count

Interlocking LED panels build into a wall of heroic proportions and almost any shape. The resulting large display can be seen easily and clearly from a distance and by lots of viewers at once. Barco video walls are ideal in situations that are not supervised such as in city museums where they are now used quite often to provide extra visuals and sound bites in support of a major exhibit.

Big outdoor displays use technologies different to those used indoors. Lamp lit or LED lit rear projection devices and LCD screens feature among the range of Barco products.

Know The Best Display For The Job

The two most important factors to be studied when choosing Barco video walls are the size of the venue and the lighting conditions within the venue.

LED units are well-suited to both indoor and outdoor use while lamp-lit units are best in smaller indoor situations like control rooms and have the advantage of good quality images plus a low cost of ownership.

In a slightly larger control room scene, LCD panels with extra narrow bezels may be used to build Barco video walls that provide excellent quality displays.

For low maintenance and good colour saturation, an LED lit rear projection unit is perfect and can function reliably round the clock. If your company needs a large screen display or Barco video walls, contact us for more details.