Video Walls

Use Awesome Video Walls To Add Life


It would be a very modest trade fair or exhibition that, today, did not include one or more video walls to enthral its visitors. These imposing and captivating structures are readily created by interlocking a varying number of smaller video screens to construct a really enormous display. Once assembled, the video walls may then be used in their entirety to display a single very large image and then, instantly reconfigured to create a series of identical or differing component displays.

The individual screens that collectively make up these video walls may use either LCD or LED technology to produce their video images. Both provide excellent levels of brightness, contrast and resolution as well as a high degree of image uniformity. The newer LED screens, however, consume far less power during operation than LCD units and thus video walls using this type of display are far more economical for long term or permanent displays such as those now commonly found in the more museums of today’s more progressive cities.

The visual impact provided by video walls is quite dramatic and the average visitor or shopper is seldom able to pass one without first taking at least a few minutes to view its content. Video walls add life to any event and will always command more attention than the traditional static displays that dominated exhibitions before their invention. Not only do they produce truly large displays but interlocking technology permits them to be formed into a variety of shapes including 3-dimensional configurations such as cylinders.

The attraction of video displays is undeniable and when they are combined to create large video walls they offer a powerful tool for advertisers and educators alike. These structures are not built using conventional video screens. The units used to create video walls are designed with exceptionally narrow bezels that measure just a few millimetres. The result is a structure that appears to be almost seamless.

When planning visual displays, video walls provide the perfect solution. If you need sound professional advice and quality products contact us first.