LCD Display Wall

Go Big With An LCD Display Wall


Whether you wish to attract the attention of an individual consumer, an international client, a student, an employee or a stadium full of sports fans, there is little doubt that “bigger” is usually “better”. The LCD display wall embodies this concept to the full and has become a standard feature in trade exhibitions, shopping malls as well as in educational establishments such as museums, zoos and aquaria. Here, an LCD display wall or video wall, as it is commonly known, can attract and hold the attention of passers-by and deliver its message to a captivated audience.

Whereas the manufacturers of big screens are already producing single units with diagonal measurements of close to 3 metres, this may still fall short of the size needed to address large audiences or to be visible from larger distances. The LCD display wall provides a simple solution. By interconnecting a number of smaller, individual units, it is possible to create an LCD display wall of the desired size that will easily meet the required criteria.

In order to ensure that the LCD display wall presents a near seamless image to the observer, manufacturers have had to design units with extremely small bezels. These narrow bezels are, typically, in the range of 3 to 4 millimetres and thus are all but invisible when viewed from more than a few metres. Once assembled, the LCD display wall offers a bright, well-contrasted, high definition image that is easily visible form most angles and under a wide range of ambient light conditions.

A further strength of the LCD Display wall is that, just like an individual LCD monitor screen, it is able to accept a variety of signal inputs. That means that, live video captured at sporting events can be routed directly to an LCD display wall as well as DVD movies, TV broadcasts or footage captured by CCTV cameras.

If it’s time for your operation to go big with an LCD display wall then it’s also time to contact us to help you select a top quality, cost effective solution for your application.