Video Servers

Video Servers Are Dedicated To The Job


If you own a PC or laptop and an internet broadband connection, it is almost a certainty that you have, at some time or other, connected to one of the web’s many video servers. Those up-to-the-minute news items, the get-rich seminars, the highly entertaining National Geographic wildlife clips and even the humorous home movies that are regularly posted on YouTube and that you enjoy so much are all streamed to your PC screen with the help of powerful dedicated video servers.

Unlike a personal computer or basic internet server that is capable of multiple functions, video servers are strictly dedicated devices. There sole purpose is to provide reliable video streams that may be required either for direct consumption by individual viewers or, quite often, for further distribution to subscribers via a given broadcaster’s network. Video servers must record, store and play back multiple video streams and do so without any degradation of output signal quality.

Professional quality video servers are required to store many hundreds of hours of video and audio in compressed format as well as to output multiple streams of synchronised video simultaneously in whatever format is required for compatibility with a range of user interfaces. Typically, video servers also include some form of control interface that may, for instance, make it possible for end-users to schedule broadcasts or compile playlists.

Two of the more common applications for video servers are to be found in TV broadcasting and in video surveillance operations such as those undertaken by security forces. In broadcasting, they are often used to provide short clips to accompany news scripts and usually permit several simultaneous users to upload the news content. The role of video servers in surveillance is to accept multiple feeds from satellites and various terrestrial sources, to allow editing and to play out via the required protocols, typically IP.

Video servers may accept digital signals directly or convert from analog inputs for IP streaming. For more information about this powerful video technology contact us. We offer expert advice on the most cost-effective solutions together with world-class products.