Video Wall Display

Advanced Video Wall Display Units For Improved Visibility


Questek Advanced Technologies offer a wide range of video wall display products including the LCD Narrow Bezel video wall display units. These display units are perfect for running ads and displays 24 hours a day. The presentations can be moving, static or a combination. Text and animation can be combined ensuring that the message reaches the specific target audience.

The LCD Narrow Bezel is a large video wall display which can be installed in portrait or landscape mode, which enables the advertiser to install the unit in places not otherwise possible. The unit can be used for retail advertising, news at airports, trade show presentations, at hotels and for specific museum displays.

It is one of the most advanced video wall displays on the market and comes from the HANTAREX product stable. What makes the units so unique is the narrow gap technology deployed allowing for minimal space between the monitors. This increases readability tremendously, especially when used in direct sunlight.

The Narrow Bezel video wall displays offer exceptional brightness levels, which eradicates the problem of reflection on the screens because of bright lights.

The main characteristics of these video wall display units are that of internal image splitting and the management thereof, possibility to be configured in several ways, and easy installation. Active components of the monitor can be replaced if damaged without having to remove any of the modules from the wall.

The modular architecture of the video screens ensures expandability. Low on energy usage, with almost no visible borders and a depth of only 9 mm, the units are economical to install, use, and maintain.

The video wall displays furthermore come with light, but strong aluminium structures allowing for mounting without additional support structures. View the range of video wall display units available from us and contact us for a quote or more information.