Video Wall Display

Video Wall Display Set Ups for Your Business Use


For those of you who are not aware, a video wall is comprise of a large number of computer monitors or television screens set continuously to form a one large display wall. LCD and LED panels are typically used in this particular type of display. A video wall display is generally used when a very large screen area is required. The fact that you have many smaller monitors or screens making up one large one means that you won’t have to fork out a large sum of money for this particular size display.

You will most often find a video wall display in a public area, at a stadium or in a security control room. They are ideal for presenting a display or image that you want to be clearly seen from quite a distance away. These screens can also be used in small venues as the image can be easily seen up close due to the pixel density offered by each smaller screen. A simple video wall is controlled by a multi monitor video card where as more complicated set ups will require video processors that are specialised in order to function according to their full capabilities.

LCD Display Panels for Creating a Modern Video Wall Display

LCD display panels are very popular to be used in the making of a video wall display. This type of display uses light modulating properties of liquid crystals. These types of displays are also very popular as they have lower energy consumption and can even be powered up by batteries. The screen itself is made up of a number of segments that are filled with liquid crystals which are then displayed in front of a light source which is typically rear-projected.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we have a wide range of products and items of equipment that are well suited to the needs of a variety of companies. For the ultimate video wall display, we are the ideal company to approach for assistance. One of our friendly consultants will even visit your premises to view your particular set up and ensure that you are provided with the right items of equipment for your needs and requirements. We will also ensure that you are shown how to make effective and efficient use of your new equipment once it is professionally installed and set up by our team. If it is an LCD display that you are looking for then take the time to browse through our product range and chat to us about the options available to you.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we are a team that takes the imaging requirements of your company very seriously. We will ensure that you are provided with access to the best quality items of equipment on the South African market and ensure that you are given the best possible rates. For an LCD display that makes your video wall more than just a little impressive, chat to our team today. We can install a video wall for you in either horizontal or vertical format depending on your preference. You can install if for the purpose of using at a venue, as an advertising medium, sports venues, airports, for security monitoring or any other purpose where imaging and display in large format is crucial.

Take the time to consider the video wall display options presented to the market by us at Questek Advanced Technologies. We will ensure that your business is provided with a solution to all of your imaging and display needs without breaking the bank. We are available at all times to discuss your requirements and create a unique solution to take your business to new heights.

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