Corporate Audiovisual

Questek Is A Supplier Of Corporate Audiovisual Installations


Reach for new height in corporate audiovisual solutions with Questek Advanced Technologies.  With the advances in technology, it is today possible to make a building come alive with all manner of indoor and outdoor video displays and video walls.  Special effects and sounds can be added for an exhilarating, interactive and dynamic experience.  A startling display in your company’s foyer can advertise your intentions to the world; after all, in branding, perception is reality.

High-brightness LEDs can be used on the outside of your building to create displays that change constantly, creating branding images and moving pictures that may be visible for kilometres.  LED technology is extremely thrifty on electricity too, with most of the energy converted into light.  Indoor displays can continue your corporate audiovisual message on a smaller scale, lighting up a dull shopping centre of foyer with dynamic displays that broadcast your message and change the entire mood of the space.  Both LCD screens and LED strips and panels can work very well to achieve this effect.

Questek also offers extensive delegate systems for the conference room environment, from famous names such as Televic® and Auditel®.  This type of installation encompasses both audio and visual component and comprise several components, including the large display screen and its projector and all the delegate consoles for communication, translation, voting and other functions.  A delegate system like the Auditel® Envoy can accommodate up to 256 delegates and is very competitively priced.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you a fully integrated corporate audiovisual installation today, whether you want to spice up your company spaces with the correct message or a full-featured delegate system for your large conferences and seminars.  For more information, feel free to contact us.