Digital Signage

Advantages of Digital Signage


Digital signage has largely replaced the more conventional and static billboards and signs found on highways, on advertising boards in front of for instance, schools, and in shopping malls. Digital signage in essence refers to a range of technologies which are applied to ensure moving images and electronic lettering.  Such ads are more visible, easier to remember, and also easier to replace with new ads.

Liquid crystal displays, known in short as LCD and plasma technology based displays, are at the order of the day at sport events, airports, train stations, and even in banks where messages are displayed in a scrolling manner or as video and text combined images.

Retailers especially benefit from the usage of digital signage. In the past, they had to design ads, which were then transformed into 2D display boards. The cost of printing and design was high. In addition, customers often missed the messages. It wasn’t possible to create multiple messages on one board. Many boards had to be created and this further increased cost associated with in-store advertising.

Digital signage changed all that. Retailers can now install one or two large digital signage boards and have new ads run constantly. Design is easy and ads can be replaced within seconds. As such specials can be advertised throughout the day.

A network of electronic displays can be controlled and monitored from one central location where software is used to create and add displays.  Retailers making use of digital signage can now ensure that the customer make last minute buying decisions by installing such at the till areas. Retailers furthermore benefit from additional income when they rent out advertising space to suppliers of the various products.

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