Broadcast Monitors

Broadcast Monitors Drive Production Quality


Any company that is engaged in commercial broadcasting today is part of one of the most competitive businesses of our times. With only the national broadcasters having the benefit of license revenues, the battle for an adequate share of the advertising revenue is an ongoing and very serious one and one in which the market leaders will be those that, through their production quality attract the largest numbers of viewers. Maintaining this quality is only possible through the use of professional broadcast monitors.

Whereas it’s true to say that a good movie, with a few decent actors, will always manage to draw the crowds, local content and live broadcasts serve to create a balance and, if they are of sufficiently high standard, they will also attract a good audience for the advertisers.

Clearly, editing and post production are jobs for experts in those fields but, without the right equipment to support them in their tasks, their expertise might be of less value. Clearly, then, quality broadcast monitors are one of the tools vital to performing these and other related tasks.

Compiling the News on the Fly

Most of us enjoy watching the TV news but few stop to think how each news item and its related graphics or video footage are seamlessly blended into a single continuous production unless, of course, an interruption occurs. This may leave an embarrassed anchor staring at the desk when the expected video clip fails to appear and underlines the need for reliable equipment including broadcast monitors and, of course, vigilant production staff.

Armed with the right equipment an experienced production assistant is able to select the most effective camera angles from an array displayed on a split screen and cut to it instantly.

Beyond the News Studio

Many of the larger production companies may also make their content available for distribution to other broadcasters by means of a network system. This creates yet another application best carried out with the aid of versatile broadcast monitors.

The scope for the use of these devices is not limited to national broadcasting by any means and they can be of great value in much smaller environments such as a teaching network. This type of arrangement is already being used in some remote areas. It enables a single teacher to address classes at several widely-separated locations equipped with TV receivers with just the aid of a single production assistant or perhaps using a media server.

The possible applications for these devices are manifold and there are units designed to cope with most tasks. If you are in the market for broadcast monitors or related equipment contact us about products that work and service you can depend on.