Products That Make Up the Barco Digital Cinema Solution


Barco digital cinema solutions have created a whole new world of opportunity for businesses that value visual displays, whether it is for marketing or business operation purposes. This particular brand offers the ultimate variety of options for those who require equipment for high quality feature film screenings, digital post production, and alternative content and so on.  

You will find the Barco range of equipment on our catalogue at Questek Advanced Technologies. This range provides a suitable system for any screen size and application, at a cost-effective rate. The projectors that form part of these items of equipment operate on DLP Cinema technology. You can expect to be presented with little to no down time, a user friendly interface and the lowest possible life time operating costs imaginable.

The following form part of the range and should be considered for inclusion in your business:

  • Alternative Content Switcher – (model ACS2048) – this is a unit that supports a variety of inputs including HD/SD SDI, DVI and analog computer and video. It offers 12-bit internal processing and Twin Link DVI output at 12 bits. It is also manufactured to HDCP compatible projectors.
  • Communicator Touch Panel – this makes use of Multi-user fingertip control. The software to operate this unit is provided standard with the package. It offers a PC version for the DP-1500, DP-2000 and DP-3000. The Touch PC component is easily removed to make way for additional Screen Management System displays. The software requires each user to login with unique usernames and passwords. This ensures that you are aware of exactly who is making use of the unit at all times and can also trace who had it when damage or mistreatment has occurred.
  • DP-1200 Projector – this is ideal for screens of up to 12m. This unit is generally custom designed for use at small venues. It offers a top quality image and is stackable which means it can be used for dual 3D applications.
  • DP-1500 Projector – this is ideal for screens of up to 15m. This unit is simply the ideal option for smaller venues where conference rooms, satellite theatres, screening rooms and similar are being set up. It is the perfect addition to any production facility where quality and clarity are required. 3D capabilities are a standard feature with these units.
  • DP-2000 Projector – this is ideal for screens of up to 20m. This is a new platform projector designed specifically for use by large and mid-market venues. High resolution, outstanding brightness and general system flexibility are attributes that make this venue quite sought after. This unit is considered one of the most affordable 3D projectors on the South African market.

If you would like a little guidance when selecting products for your business then we suggest that you allow our technicians to visit your business premises and supply you with some detailed information, advice and a quotation.  Once this has been concluded we will happily install the system for you and ensure that you and your staff members know exactly how to make use of and take advantage of the features and benefits that it has to offer. Our team will also ensure that you have access to a great after sales service offering troubleshooting assistance as well as repairs and maintenance help.

The abovementioned products are just a few of the items that make up the ultimate Barco (read more) digital cinema solution which are well worth your attention. If you would like to find out more on the specifications and offerings of each of these products, we welcome you to chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members who will be more than willing to assist you.