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For most, a trip to the movies offers an escape from the often dull everyday reality and a glimpse of a more colourful and engaging world for 90 minutes or so. Producers have laboured to enhance that experience offering us first the wide screen and stereophonic sound and later specially equipped 3D cinemas to complete the illusion. The early attempts to create 3D cinemas were somewhat less than convincing and employed a technology termed anaglyph that used cardboard spectacles with one red and one green lens.  It resulted in a degree of perspective but also some eye-strain.

3d imagesDespite all, the taste for 3D cinemas was created and attempts to produce a more convincing product followed with a move to Polaroid lenses that resembled sunglasses. Still cardboard but without the disconcerting red and green tones, the resulting product marked the first explosion of 3 dimensional movies. Nevertheless, the technology was still lacking and producers reverted to various wide-screen technologies to enhance the viewing experience. It was only with the introduction of IMAX, that 3D cinemas really came of age.

IMAX, with its larger format, high-resolution photography and advanced polarising lenses breathed new life into 3D cinemas. Although the first these new productions were largely documentary they were soon followed by a barrage of new releases in a range of popular genres including animated movies. Cardboard was replaced by Polaroid spectacles indistinguishable from sunglasses and, more importantly, eyestrain and headaches became a thing of the past in 3D cinemas.

Since 2003 almost 100 3D productions have been released and 2009 saw the biggest triumph for 3D cinemas with the release of “Avatar”. Not only was this the most successful 3D production ever, it was also the highest grossing movie of all time. Today thousands of homes have 3D cinemas. The technology has been adapted for TV transmissions and many of those blockbusters first shown in the movie house can now be viewed on demand in the comfort of your own home.

Digital Cinema Projector Technology – Helping Your Business Go Further

digital cinema projectorFor many years, the projection and distribution of motion pictures have been performed using digital cinema projector technology. This fascinating technology has undergone transformations and revolutions over the years, but its founding principles still rings true today. The media which is displayed is stored in electronic format and stored in a device which then uses Digital Light Processing and Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology to project the film. The film will then be projected rather than being shown directly, using old film rolls. This produces an image which is crisp and clear for the enjoyment of the audience.

Digital cinema projector technology is not only limited to film houses and cinemas – its use extends to the business world as well as the domestic market. Many consumers have invested in their own private digital cinema projector for their home, choosing to enjoy this technology on their own terms. It is also used as a vital tool in presentations and can be used as a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. This technology has revolutionized the business and corporate industry, making it possible to project moving media clearly and affordably. Because of its large audience appeal, and its affordability, digital cinema projectors have risen in popularity and demand.

A line of digital cinema projectors from the pioneers of digital cinema projector technology is Barco. Their range of digital cinema solutions is aimed at both the commercial and domestic market. Their DP ranges of cinema projectors are at the forefront of 3D cinemas around the world, and its easy installation coupled with simplicity in operation have also contributed to its global popularity.

When investing in any Barco digital cinema projector technology, you are guaranteed the best level of technology available on the market. Fantastic image brightness with excellent levels of contrast and effervescent colours will make the media come alive. All Barco digital cinema projectors are fully compatible with all cutting edge 3D technology.

Barco’s products are officially distributed in South Africa through Questek Advanced Technologies. Their professional staff members are well versed with their clients’ needs and are in a position to offer relevant and expert advice as to which digital cinema projector technology will best suit your needs. Questek also offers unmatched after sales experience, and will advise from everything from placement to installation of your digital cinema projector. For all your digital cinema requirements, be in touch with Questek Advanced Technologies for cutting edge products and the most competitive prices.

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