Barco Digital Cinema Solution

Enjoy The Magic Of A Barco Digital Cinema Solution


Whereas most people would have forgotten that it was Netscape that pioneered the internet browser or that Apple beat IBM to the market when pioneering home computers, there is little doubt among users that Barco pioneered the digital cinema solution. One of the first examples of a Barco digital cinema solution occurred over a decade ago when this quality manufacturer contributed to a world first when taking part in the transmission of the animated Sci-Fi movie, “Titan AE” via a digital network.

Since those early days of digital cinematography, the steady progress of the Barco digital cinema solution has been marked by a series of important technological firsts in this demanding and growing field. The Barco digital cinema solution was the first of its kind to incorporate a sealed optical engine. Two other important advances for Barco came with the introduction of a modular design that has made their product among the most user-friendly as well as their amazing new 3D technology that employs a full panel, triple flash system for unsurpassed realism.

When investing in a Barco digital cinema solution, the owner can be assured of superb image brightness, exceptional levels of contrast and truly vibrant colours. Furthermore, considering the recent explosion of quality 3D productions and their increasing popularity, anyone employing a Barco digital cinema solution has the reassurance of knowing that it has been engineered to be fully compatible with all of the foremost 3D technologies. The easy built-in stacking facility, makes setting up dual projection 3D systems a simple task.

Why is a sealed optical engine such an important component of a Barco digital cinema solution? Simply put, hermetically sealing the optics in, keeps out dust that, over time, could otherwise cause severe loss of brightness and contrast. This feature, together with a patented convergence alignment tool and enhanced cooling serve to ensure that any Barco digital cinema solution will have a superior lifespan, require minimum maintenance and provide the owner with the most cost-effective solution available.

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