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We at Questek Advanced Technologies are South Africa’s exclusive representative for the best international brands, and Barco and Questek’s visualization technology covers visualization solutions such as video walls.  A video wall is any large electronic display of images that are displayed in a presentation format.  Today, international sports stadiums and entertainment venues, etc. want to give spectators who pour in to watch these events, the ultimate experience in LED display solutions.

video wallsThe large format live video walls which are custom designed for each environment and sporting event, gives the spectator attention grabbing entertainment right through any event. Video walls are often used in conjunction with a cluster computing system. In this setup, each individual monitor is controlled by a separate computer.

The growth of video wall technology has come a long way since the early years when it started.  They were originally developed for the military as a method for space command to track orbiting debris and shuttle missions, but now it has quickly made it’s way to other public markets.

A video wall can be as little as two monitors next to each other, or as many as can possibly be accommodated.  In Manhattan’s West Side you will find one of the largest high-resolution video walls in the world -37 m wide and 3.4 m high. This large-scale video wall is visible to absolutely tens of thousands of commuters who watch it every day.

Questek Advanced Technologies is a world leader in video walls - in 1997 installing a video wall for Telkcom in Namibia, in 2000 installing the world’s large video wall for Telkom, in 2001, we installed a massive LED video wall in the Sandton Food Court for shoppers entertainment, and in 2002, an audio visual and video wall for the JSE – what can we do for you?

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