Eyeheight Digital Video

Questek Advanced Technologies distributes Eyeheight digital video solutions.  Eyeheight’s play-out headless systems for channel automation allow you to mix, key, brand and inform like never before.  A basic play-out channel should include an MW series A/B mixer module, from where the user can add optional modules as required.  Questek can offer you these advanced Eyeheight digital video solutions.

The user can also add voice-over, external keyers, text and a logo.  While using a common automation protocol as well as a common manual intervention panel, the user can individually customise each channel to that channel’s requirements.  When in play-out mode, the modules are operated in a channel-orientated environment.  This is especially suited to on-air play-out situations where the modules all form part of a television channel.  In this mode, automation vendors can operate the system as if it is an integrated master control mixer instead of individual modules, through Eyeheight’s presTX automation protocol.

There are control panels for manual channel intervention and up to eight play-out channels can share one manual intervention panel; this intervention panel can associate with any of the channels as required.  Manual intervention panels are ideal for live events or emergency intervention.  The modular nature of the play-out intervention panels allows users to customise the panel to that panel’s needs.  Both playoutHD and playoutCompact are available.  The former supports the SQ and AM modules and is SD-only and the latter supports both HD and SD and is multi-rate.  Both fits into the FB-9E etherBox (which can accommodate up to six modules); multiple FB-9E etherBox chassis can be combined in one channel.

These advanced Eyeheight digital video solutions are available through Questek Advanced Technologies today, so contact us for more information.