Digital Cinema

Questek Advanced Technologies is the sole authorised distributor and installer of the advanced range of Barco digital cinema solutions.  Digital cinema has revolutionised the entertainment industry and has ushered in the 3D era.  In fact, Questek was responsible for installing 3D Barco projectors in all six of the cinemas at NuMetro Emperors Palace, the first fully-3D-equipped cinema multiplex in South Africa.

To this end, the Barco DP-3000 digital cinema projector is one of the first of a new generation of 3D projectors that offers life-like 3D images.  There are about 10,000 3D cinemas in the world today and that figure is growing rapidly as more and more titles are released in 3D and patrons are clamouring for tickets.  In addition, digital production techniques have made it cheaper to shoot in 3D, further increasing the prevalence of the technology.  Thankfully, Barco is committed to the global cinema market.

Barco’s DP Series’ cost of ownership is eminently reasonable and solutions are available for many screen sizes.  Barco’s continued development of the technology has enabled them to stabilise microchip temperatures to improve reliability and longevity.  The 0.98-inch DC2K TI technology provides a startling projector brightness of 30k lm, yet the system is light, easy to install and simplicity itself to service and repair, thanks to the modular design.  Image quality is the best currently achievable and the system even offers remote control and monitoring.

Together with Barco, Questek Advanced Technologies is at the forefront of digital cinema technology.  In fact, Questek can offer all manner of visualisation solutions through advanced visual imagery in many domains, like traffic management, sport, entertainment, education and interactive multimedia.  Contact us.