Digital Signage

Digital signage is a dynamic and targeted way to present your brand.  Digital signage is found in shopping centres, financial institutions, restaurants, railway stations and airports.  LED, LCD and plasma displays of various sizes display eye-catching messages with bite-size information that is easy to take in and remember.  Questek Advanced Technologies offers solutions for almost any application.

Digital signage is considered very cost-effective, because it affords you the ability to target specific audiences with your message, instead of following the shotgun approach by advertising on a grand scale and hoping the relevant people spot your advertisement.  Large displays are found in places like airports, delivering short messages that are easy to catch and understand by travellers in a rush.  This content usually focuses on visuals only, to convey the message effectively even in a noisy and bustling setting like an airport – or a bus or railway station, for that matter.

Small LCD screens are often found in places like public restrooms, where one also has a captive audience for at least a minute or two.  Shops in a specific shopping centre may advertise in the centre’s restrooms to remind people of their brand and to advertise their business.  Shopping centre displays have proven to significantly increase in-store traffic and may recoup the initial financial outlay rather quickly with the additional patronage it can generate.

Questek Advanced Technologies is at the forefront of visualisation solutions like digital signage and can provide you with a system of any scale at a very competitive price.  In today’s rushed world, make your brand relevant by efficiently presenting your message to a targeted audience.  For more information on these and other visualisation solutions, contact us today.