Surgical Display

Barco manufactures display hardware like LCD and DLP projectors, flat panel monitors and video walls.  Barco is headquartered in Belgium and the sole South African distributor of Barco products is Questek Advanced Technologies.  Barco is also a surgical display specialist, supplying doctors, clinics and hospitals with the most advanced surgical display solutions available.

Invasive surgery is always risky and places a very big responsibility on medical practitioners, doctors and staff.  Endoscopic and surgical displays of the highest quality are required in the operating theatre to give operating professionals the maximum advantage in terms of precision visualisation and also the optimum benefits in terms of space constraints and safety requirements.  A doctor who is operating on a patient needs the best visual aids to perform his job with the finest precision, because the patient’s life can depend on it.

An entire medical centre, hospital or clinic is dependent on reliable and precise clinical review displays; these are used especially in radiology departments.  Barco’s specialist displays deliver impeccable image quality and they are DICOM-compliant.  In similar vein, Barco’s mammography display systems enable unsurpassed mammography reporting.  Diagnostic display systems may not be as life-critical as surgical displays, but again, Barco delivers the best quality, whether it is a greyscale or colour display for a radiology or any other application.  Barco’s display controller provides high performance and can be linked with the unique MediCal QAWeb online services for quality assurance and calibration – experience diagnostic confidence without equal with Barco soft copy displays.

Questek Advanced Technologies is your exclusive provider of Barco surgical display solutions.  For more information, contact us.