LED Backdrops

LED Backdrops Offer Unsurpassed Flexibility


In today’s increasingly competitive market, no exhibition or promotional event is complete without some form of visual display. Big screen displays created by projectors, LCD or LED monitor screens invariably seem to dominate these happenings and big is, on most of these occasions, the operative word. Now LED backdrops are able to provide huge displays whilst being readily portable and easy to assemble. Anyone who can hang a pair of curtains can manage one or more LED backdrops.

These clever display devices utilise fibre optics and light-emitting diodes to produce huge images on a completely flexible medium. In fact, LED backdrops are essentially curtains that are hung from rods attached to a wall in much the same way as those in our homes. LED backdrops differ, of course, by the incorporation into the curtain material of thousands of interlinked diodes that, collectively, can display a complete video image. By interlinking two or more of these curtains, it is possible to create very large visual displays.

LED backdrops are generally available in two main product formats determined by the size and spacing of the LEDs. The choice of product offers users both the facilities for displaying promotional animations that require somewhat lower resolution as well as the higher resolution option required for video-quality displays. The choice of resolution and modular construction of LED backdrops allows for great flexibility both in terms of cost and display requirements.

The flexible nature of LED backdrops makes them extremely portable. They may be folded and rolled into very compact forms for crating during transportation and unpacking them again at their destination is just as quick and simple as is assembly. All in all, the use of LED backdrops which, these days can even be hired in many instances, provides the means to quickly and inexpensively transform any event into a visual extravaganza.

LED backdrops may well be the way to go for your next event. Contact us for all the information about these and other amazing display products.