LED Outdoor Displays South Africa

LED Outdoor Displays Available In South Africa


led outdoor displaysMany people make use of signage and lighting for advertising and marketing purposes. Outdoor displays are most often used because of their visibility and the audience that they are exposed to. Of course there are billboards and street pole signs and so much more that one can make use of, with LED outdoor displays in South Africa simply growing in popularity. Of course LED displays and monitors have been available on the market for a number of years and each year just gets better. Consider all the LED display options available before making your final decision.

LED technology is something that has taken the world market by storm. Reliable LED outdoor displays in South Africa have been presented to the market by leaders in the field such as us at Questek Advanced Technologies. Whether you are looking for outdoor displays for live events or for fixed applications, we will ensure that you are provided with a display monitor, system and setup that is able to meet with your needs and your budget. Of course we also offer a range of LED displays for indoor applications where they are often used in fashion shows, car shows and even corporate business waiting rooms or entrance halls to name but a few.

Large Display Screens for Advertising and Marketing

At Questek Advanced Technologies we understand our client’s needs for large display screens for extra visibility and advertising effectiveness. We also understand that clarity is required in order for a display of any size and measure to be effective at all. This is why our LED outdoor displays in South Africa are of the utmost best quality.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we stock the Barco range of LED outdoor displays which is both trusted and reputable on the South African market. We endorse DNP large display screens as we are aware of just how reliable they are while they also offer complete value for money. We offer the market a variety of large screens with the largest on offering measuring in at 3 meters, which is 120 inches. These particular screens are extremely popular for use in corporate companies as they are well suited for use even in well lit conference rooms. Extra lighting does not phase the quality and clarity of the image presented at all. Large display screens have a limited built-in depth which means that they are easily installed, maintained and repaired if needs be.

Electronic Billboards for Marketing Purposes

Of course electronic billboards have been and probably always will be a popular method of advertising and marketing in South Africa. When considering an electronic billboard for your company’s marketing purposes it is vitally important to take into consideration the clarity and quality of the presented image. At Questek Advanced Technologies we present only the best quality Barco electronic billboards to the market. Each of the billboards on offer presents the market with durability, product quality and absolute value for money.

The colour reproduction, sound and image quality presented by electronic billboards from the Barco range are simply unsurpassed. Our team’s dedication to customer service is also a great reason to turn to us for all your outdoor marketing and display needs. We will go the extra mile to ensure that you are provided with a customised outdoor display and outdoor advertising solution that cannot be beaten.

When it comes to electronic billboards and LED displays it is vitally important to seek out assistance from a supplier that has top quality products on offer and will provide these items with a professional service. At Questek Advanced Technologies we will ensure that your equipment, monitors and displays are properly installed. You will be shown how to make proper use of your equipment for optimal use. You can also turn to our experienced and dedicated team for assistance with maintenance, repairs and replacement should the need arise.

If you are looking to market your company to an extensive captive audience then electronic billboards and LED outdoor displays are just the way to go in South Africa. Take the time to browse through our product and service offerings and see which outdoor advertising and marketing solution is best suited to your needs and budget.

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