Projection Screens

Projection Screens Can Make Or Break A Display


At least some of you will remember the days before television, VHS tapes and DVDs when home entertainment involved hiring an 8mm movie and a projector and proceeding to display some past horror or western hit on a white sheet or perhaps even one of the outdoor walls during the summer evenings. Proper projection screens would, no doubt, have improved the result but, in those days, probably not by a great deal. Projection screens where then modest in size and initially just white painted roll-up canvas structures. Later, the painted surface was enhanced by a layer of minute glass beads that was said to improve brightness but, again, not by much.

Today, despite the advent of television and the other previously-named technologies, the need for projected images and projection screens has persisted and, today, the possible applications extend way beyond home entertainment. These newer applications invariably involve the use of much larger displays for viewing by large audiences, often from considerable distances and in a wide range of environments. Projection screens have had to evolve considerably to meet these new demands.

The first large screen TVs to hit the stores used projection screens where the signal was projected from behind instead of being displayed on a CRT screen. The result was certainly bigger but, invariably the display lacked brightness, contrast and uniform illumination and resulted in a very narrow viewing angle. The limitations did not arise from the signal quality but from the quality of the projection screens used.

Projection screens in use for today’s far larger screen displays must meet even higher standards. Their surfaces must not result in any noticeable loss of brightness or contrast and should appear uniformly bright over a wide range of viewing angles. These criteria can only be met when using projection screens that have advanced optical surfaces.

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