Projection Markets

New Technology Captures Projection Markets


With the technology behind big screen displays evolving steadily, the demand has grown tremendously both in the home and in commercial applications. Although LCD and LED panels dominate the home market, manufacturers still recognise the importance of projection markets. Major technological improvements to both projectors and screens suitable for front and back projection have led to a renewed interest in this alternative form of large screen display with a corresponding expansion of potential projection markets.

Probably one of the most important of the smaller projection markets must be the, now ubiquitous, sports bar. Nothing promotes a fan’s thirst more effectively than the sight of his team driving the ball over the touch line and a big screen projection TV creates the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy it. Other entertainment locations that feature in projection markets are discos and concert venues; the former for visual effects and the latter to ensure that the, often huge, audiences miss none of the action.

Retailers and other advertisers make up the bulk of projection markets and the range of equipment for their applications is equally extensive. In these environments, back projection is often the display screen technology of choice and now includes adhesive, transparent screens that may be attached to a window. These allow bright, animated displays that may be continued long after normal shopping hours for the benefit of passing diners or moviegoers. Retail projection markets may also use more conventional and compact back-projection units in store.

Projection markets continue to grow and already extend well beyond the shopping mall or the entertainment spot. Today, institutions such as museums, zoological gardens and aquaria regularly employ one or more large screen displays and projectors in support of selected basic exhibits. Various international and trade exhibitions, sales and other types of professional conference have each now become an integral part of today’s projection markets.

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