Projection Screens

Not All Projection Screens Can Hack It


At one time, when planning to show a home movie, most people would have claimed that anything will do for the screen as long as it’s white! Today, with the demands for high resolution, improved contrast, daylight and wide-angle viewing, this is no longer remotely true. Today’s best projection screens employ high quality optics to render their images just like the projectors that produce them. To a large degree, the varying nature of display requirements has led to considerable improvements and adaptations in the design of projection screens.

Two methods of projection are in common use. These are front projection and back projection. While front projection screens must reflect the projected light diffusely, those used in back projection set ups must be able to transmit the projected image diffusely. Another variant known as switchable projection screens can be readily switched from the opaque to the transparent state in order to allow viewing from both sides such as when advertising on a store window.

The basic design of projection screens will also vary according to the ambient conditions under which they are intended to operate; whether in an indoor environment or out of doors for instance. A modern movie theatre may use aluminized projection screens to obtain good contrast under moderate ambient light conditions. Alternatively, coating the white surface of the screen with tiny glass beads results in improved brilliance where the ambient light levels are somewhat darker.

The degree to which projection screens reflect light relative to a standard white coating of magnesium carbonate is a measure of their “gain”. While a light grey matte screen may produce an acceptable gain of 0.8, modern projection screens are able to deliver gains of 2.5 or even higher. Nevertheless hot spots and dark corners may still occur and only the latest optical screens successfully overcome this. They also have the added advantage of offering far greater size than LED or plasma screens.

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