Advertising Screens

HANTAREX Advertising Screens For Walls


If you are looking for highly functional advertising screens that need to display messages 24 hours a day, the HANTAREX video walls, known as the LCD Narrow Bezel units, will be the best solution. Specifically developed to take up little space with narrow depth, the HANTAREX advertising screens available through us are ideal for displaying of moving or still images to a large or passing audience.

The advertising screens can be mounted in landscape or portrait style giving the client more flexibility in display. Applications include displays at airports, shopping malls, public places such as train stations, museums, hotels and exhibitions. You have a choice between 40 “ and 46 “ TFT LCD monitors with exceptionally narrow gaps ensuring maximum readability. Well suited also for sunlight exposed areas, the advertising screens will attract the attention you want for your message, brand or product.

Direct light reflection is often a problem with public display areas. Not so when it comes to the Narrow Bezel range with their brightness level at 700cd per square metre and minimal reflection of light. Well suited also for stock exchanges and financial institutions the series is flexible and modular in design. The narrow gaps between the monitors, in addition to the improvement of text readability also ensure that the video image is not disturbed in any way.

Whether you want a banner, portrait or tower display, we can do so when you select the HANTAREX advertising screens. Low on power usage with almost invisible borders and a depth of only 9 cm, a sturdy architecture and easy installation, as well as low maintenance the HANTARAX video walls are perfect for today’s business and entertainment industries.

View the full range of advertising screens available from us and contact us today to discuss your particular display requirements.