Barco® Medical Imaging Equipment

Barco® Medical Imaging Equipment For Precision Tasks


Barco® medical imaging equipment is used in hospitals and private medical care facilities around the world because of the:

  • Crisp clear imaging
  • Robust design of the equipment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Low maintenance fees associated with Barco® medical imaging equipment
  • High quality of the equipment
  • Sophisticated functions
  • Ease of usage

Medical professionals are experts in their fields. They require state of the art imaging equipment to do their jobs, but they are not necessarily technical experts. As such they want reliable, highly accurate, sophisticated, yet, user-friendly equipment that makes their tasks easier and helps them to provide a high level of service delivery standard. Barco® medical imaging equipment fits the profile perfectly.

Questek Advanced Technologies as a leading provider of visual display equipment to the medical industry is also the sole distributor of Barco® medical imaging equipment in South Africa. Knowing that hospital management requires the best possible equipment at an affordable price, we ensure the pricing will fit in the hospital budget. Our technical and installation expertise is equally well appreciated and with excellent after sales care, hospital management teams prefer to purchase the medical imaging equipment such as the Barco® medical imaging equipment from us.

Renowned for high-level precision, the Barco® medical imaging equipment offers the surgeon, radiologist and clinical staff member the best possible means to do their jobs. With invasive surgery techniques used it is essential to have the best possible precision and that is possible when using the Barco® medical imaging equipment.

Barco offers a whole range of state-of-the-art DICOM compliant medical imaging equipment for applications needed in radiology divisions in addition to special imaging equipment required in the theatres. Whether you require medical monitors, mammography machines or other related radiology imaging equipment Barco® medical imaging equipment should be your first choice.

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