Big Screen

Advanced Big Screen Technology For Modern Presentations


Questek Advanced Technologies is known as leader regarding the provision and installation of big screen technology at client venues, whether it is a conference room or sport stadium.

The visual impact of any sports event, conference presentation or simply any show is improved when presented on a big screen. We recognise the importance of top quality display without the effect of shadows or white light. When presenting something of importance you will want to ensure that the viewers will not have to compete with sunlight or even natural light to get a glimpse of what is presented on the screen.

With the above in mind, we provide clients with the best possible big screen technologies including the DNP® displays providing perfect imaging no matter whether indoors or outdoors. High contrast display qualities should be embedded in any type of visual display. You want a crisp and clear image in the competitive world of today.

Optical rear display technology is embedded in the DNP® displays ensuring that there will be no shadows casted on the presentation and that the visual display will be crisp and clear even with considerable natural light. The DNP® display screens have up to fifteen times better contrast than the more conventional front projection systems. In addition, there are also no audio visual equipment noise distractions. With four types and 49 versions to select from, you will be able to get the big screen that meets and exceeds your specific visual display requirements.

In summary the benefits of the DNP displays are:

  • Rear projection and thus no shadows from the presenter on the screen.
  • No audio visual equipment noise.
  • Improved image quality.
  • No need to darken room for presentations.
  • Neat display with technical equipment out of sight.
  • No blinding of the presenter because of a front projection system.
  • Dynamic lens allowing for more user control.
  • Compact design.

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