Big Screens

Choosing Big Screens To Meet Your Requirements


Big screens can have a number of uses, the most common of which is for conference use. To help you decide on which big screens will meet your every need here are a few tips to narrow down your search.

It is important to get a big screen that performs well under the conditions you will be using it. Conference rooms are usually well lit so if the screen will be used for these or similar purposes then make sure to get one which will still be bright enough to see even with all the lights on. An anti-glare or similar type is a must if you plan on using it with the lights turned on as this will ensure that everyone in the room can see without having to move around because of annoying reflections on the big screen.

If you plan on using big screens in rooms where anyone is not directly in front of a screen then get a big screen or screens with a wider angle of view to ensure that the picture being displayed is visible to everyone in the room no matter where they are.

The size of the big screen will also make a difference. Try to get the largest screen you can find as this will make it easier for all to see what is happening. Although a huge screen is good make sure as not to go to big. Just make sure that it will fit into the space you are provided and that there will not be anything in the way such as tables or computer screens. Fortunately with rear screen projection you will be able to purchase big screens which do not have the problem of white light and shadows casted onto the surface area.

These are only basic guide lines to help you choose amongst the many types of big screens available. Do some research and find out as much as you can about the screen you are looking at. Contact us for more information on the big screens available from Questek Advanced Technologies.