Large Screen Display

Nothing Says It Like A Large Screen Display


Once, we might have thought that a large screen display weighed a ton and came in an unwieldy wooden cabinet. Early back-projection TVs offered a far bigger viewing area than possible with the conventional cathode ray tube but they were bulky and not too visible in daylight conditions. Today, the term large screen display has taken on a whole new meaning with bright and crystal-clear high definition images that can occupy an entire wall and capture a viewer’s attention as never before.

For the advertiser, this ability to capture and retain a potential client’s attention is one of the biggest benefits of the large screen display. When a number of large display panels are combined into a single display, the result is an image that will, quite literally, dominate any shopping mall or trade show. A large screen display based upon interlinked units may not only form a video wall but may also be fashioned into 3-dimensional structures such as cylinders and cubes for unsurpassed versatility.

The video wall is an imposing large screen display due to the superior brightness, high contrast, even coverage and high resolution provided by the component LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) panels. The illusion of one uninterrupted large screen display, despite the use of multiple panels, is made possible by their individual design in which the width of the standard bezels has been engineered to 4 millimetres or less; all but invisible to the unaided eye.

In other environments like discotheques and sports bars, a large screen display is often created using back or, front projection. In either case, a high quality projector accepts the input from a TV broadcast, a broadband download or a PC file and projects it on to an advanced optical screen that preserves image clarity and brightness as well as permitting a wide viewing angle. This type of large screen display is clearly a cost effective solution for the smaller user.

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