Touch Screens

Touch Screens Provide The Ultimate Interface


If we discount the longer-term possibility of communicating our thoughts directly to a computer’s CPU, then it must be said that modern touch screens are able to create a near perfect interface between man and his machines. From finding your way around the local shopping mall to thumbing through your music or photograph collection on a cellular phone or entering a code to gain access to a secure area, touch screens have become an integral part of 21st century living.

The list of applications that are now accessed by means of touch screens seems to be growing daily and it extends into almost every discipline that one can think of. Chief among these are probably the retail and leisure industries where task such as raising an invoice, placing food orders or purchasing theatre tickets to avoid that annoying queue at the box office are now commonly entrusted to touch screens that access sophisticated software programmes.

The use of touch screens has greatly improved the user-friendliness of many applications. For a lot of users, finally saying goodbye to that scary mouse or trackball that is either too sensitive or, alternatively, seems only to move at a snail’s pace, if at all, is reward enough. For others, it is the simplicity and responsiveness of this interface that has made them wish that these powerful and versatile touch screens were fitted to all computing or control devices.

The technology that powers touch screens is complex and relies on determining the precise coordinates of any object, be it a finger or a stylus, which may come into contact with the screen’s surface. To do so, the technology must note changes in one or more physical parameters such as resistance or capacitance and relay them the touch screens to some specific software package.

Most application cam be simplified and speeded up by the use of suitable touch screens. Contact us to learn more about how this remarkable technology and our quality products and services could spell big benefits for your business.