Event Screens

LED Display Technology And Event Screens


LED display technology in event screens has provided the best solution in visual display architecture. This type of display technology incorporates pixel strips that can be placed onto a surface to provide free form video displays no matter how large or small. The pixel strips allow a pitch and depth that improves the quality of the display imagery in event screens. The LED technology supplies exceptional brightness in the displays resulting in images that give the highest level of clarity. This high level of brightness makes LED event screens ideal for use in outdoor and brightly lit indoor environments.

The non-reflective properties of the LED event screens further enhance the clarity of the products by eliminating the effects of external lighting influences from interfering with the display imagery. The high pixel density permits the use of high resolution and high definition display images to be reflected on the event screens. This makes it possible to use LED event screens for live broadcasting feeds at concerts and sporting events. The pixel strips are designed and manufactured to be durable and tough under most weather conditions which means that they are suitable to be permanently installed out of doors.

The installation and assembly of the pixel strips into uniform LED event screens is efficient and convenient. The strips come with a built-in mounting track and cabling solutions that are easy to use. It is however recommended that a professional installation service is provided for the installation of the LED event screens. This is to ensure that the event screens are installed correctly the first time around and that you get the optimal viewing advantages of the LED technology through the best placement of the screens.

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