Large Screen Video Imaging

ScreenPRO-II™ Large Screen Video Imaging Equipment


If you are looking for quality large screen video imaging equipment you have to the right place.
Questek Advanced Technologies is a leading provider of display and broadcasting equipment including large screen video imaging equipment.

One of the best large screen video imaging systems available on the market is the ScreenPRO-II™ Seamless Switcher. It features high-resolution multi-layer imaging that embeds a wide range of video imaging and control effects. This, of course, is essential for high-end lie video production.

The system features five image layers including an unscaled background for Keys or PIP and unscaled downstream key for DSK. It also boasts full screen Logo which is able to work with frame grabs. The ScreenPRO-II™ provides you with the possibility to do background transitions and PIP transitions as well as controlled fly in effects.

It is possible to display two Keys or PIPS over a background and to mix within a PIP. Effortless transition among backgrounds is possible ensuring perfect and professional switches between the inputs. The system also features a single format switching capability ensuring perfect timing. It is however, with the transition of multi-format sources that the system really shows its worth in gold. You will be able to wipe, dissolve, cut, and move without any problems because of the sophistication embedded in the system.

The ScreenPRO-II™ is used by professionals around the world to gain advanced video processing capabilities. It supports input and output resolutions up to 2048 times 1080p, one to one pixel sampling, 10 bit process capacity, and image cropping abilities. With the flexibility of the system you can mix without restriction. Easy to setup and operate, live mixing has become a whole lot easier and more controlled.

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