Large Screens

DNP Large Screens For Shopping Mall & Conference Settings


Questek Advanced Technologies provides sophisticated display solutions including the likes of large screens suitable for conference rooms, shopping mall displays, meeting rooms, and even for outdoor displays. The large screens that we install at client venues have superior brightness, crystal clear images, and superb contrast characteristics.
The DNP® range of large screens includes features such as:

  • Superior uniformity in image display.
  • Lenticular lens distribution characteristics.
  • Fresnel lens with advanced focussing qualities.
  • No dark corners.
  • No problems with bright areas on the screens.
  • Able to work even in an environment where bright ambient lighting is present.
  • Amazing contrast features.
  • Can be used outdoors as well without loss of image quality.

The large screens in the DNP® stable of products feature unsurpassed brightness levels and come in various sizes including the cinemascope size. What makes the screens so unique is the fact that they can double up as whiteboards. This of course, is a definite plus for the conference or workshop organizer requiring not only a display screen, but also a whiteboard. Space saving is key in the planning of conference venues today and with such screens you will be able to save on the cost of a whiteboard and the space it would have taken up.

Screens are used in places such as Sandton City’s Food Court with tremendous success, but equally well used in conference settings on a smaller scale. The DNP® range of screens is well suited for either usage. Compatible with numerous types of projectors including DLP, LCOS, and LCD the screens also take up little space with low built-in depths. With their anti-reflecting coatings, the screens are perfect for any setting where bright ambient lights normally cause image visibility problems on screens. Contact us today for more information regarding large screens suitable for your particular display requirements.