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LED Screen And Display Panels Explained


There are a few types of LED screen and display panels such as television or computer LED backlit screens, LED screens used for outdoor events, and LED display panels used to display text. These are just a few of the more common examples.

To start with, we will have a look at LED screen and display panels such as backlit computer or television screens. Computer and television screens are not really LED screens, but are often referred to as such. These screens are in essence just regular LCD screens with LEDs as back lighting. What this means is that they have replaced the older fluorescent tubing with LEDs to make the screens more slender and power efficient among other advantages. Screens like that are normally used in homes for entertainment and at the office in conferences.

Next we have the LED screen and display panels used to display text. These display panels are made up of LEDs which light up in rows to display text. They are normally only in one colour and cannot show any real images. Although these LED display panels are very simple they do have their uses such as displaying the prices at petrol stations.

Lastly we will have a look at LED screens and display panels used at sporting events or live music shows. These are the true LED screens and every pixel is represented by a separate LED. These display panels have numerous advantageous over older technologies. The advantages include enhanced brightness, weather resistance and being waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor events.

In most cases a LED screen or display panel will be your best option when the need for a new screen may arise.

These are the main LED screen and display panels used today and models may differ slightly, but the concept in most will be the same. Contact us for more information about the LED screens & display panels available from us.