Promotional Screen

Questek Can Provide Your Promotional Screen Needs


Do you need a promotional screen to use for a general information display or for digital signage?  Questek Advanced Technologies are experts at supplying and implementing integrated visualisation solutions and we only source the best products available on the market today.  Cayin® is a trusted name in networked digital signage solutions and their solution can help you build your own digital out-of-home network, helping you to promote, educate, inform and entertain.

More than simply setting up a promotional screen, Questek can assist you with any of three levels of Cayin® solutions.  At the Basic level, each SMP player can be managed individually via the network, using its Web-based user interface.  At this level, you can configure multimedia content playback, change each player’s system settings and update contents by Network Neighborhood or FTP.  At the Medium level, administrators are able to divide a large number of players into groups and control them all centrally, using CMS Server on its Web-based interface.  It is possible to update and synchronise content, schedule a playlist, access and control multiple accounts and stream live video.

The Cayin® Advanced level takes everything one step further.  Now you can monitor multiple digital signage networks or CMS servers on a single computer, using Super Monitor.  You can even generate reports with Super Reporter.  At the Advanced level, you have the flexibility to monitor content updating systems and live playback, generate detailed playback lists (and statistics) per project and you have alert mechanisms to indicate abnormal status.

Far exceeding your expectations, Questek Advanced Technologies can supply you with a Cayin® digital signage solution today.  Having more than one promotional screen gives you a far wider reach, so get your network going today.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.