Synopsis on Questek Product Range

Questek Advanced Technologies’ State-of-the-Art Product Range


A world without digital images and displays would certainly not be the same. At Questek Advanced Technologies we take great pride in keeping up with technological advancements when it comes to displays, visualisation, and media and so on.  We supply the market with a wide range of products that are designed to simply impress. In addition to this, you can rely on our products to take your business to new heights, and get you noticed by your target audience. With our assistance you can seamlessly integrate new features into your business and start benefiting immediately.

Our product range is quite extensive and is created to meet the needs of a variety of companies servicing just about any industry. The following products can be found on our catalogue and are well worth investment:

  • LED displays – this range caters to the absolute best in cutting edge LED technology. Our products can meet with the needs of both live events and fixed applications which mean it is quite a flexible and varied range. We present the Barco brand to the market which is a trusted and reliable one. You will find the ideal units for displays in entrance halls, fashion shows, car shows, and concerts and so on.
  • Projectors – our range caters to high performance projectors that can be used for business meetings, home cinemas and various professional cinemas.
  • Video walls – these are ideal for presenting images and text to a large and varied audience. We offer LCD Narrow Bezel displays which can handle 24/7 operation without a glitch. These walls can be set up in either horizontal or vertical mode and are often used for digital media advertising.  You will often see this type of display at airports, shopping malls and similar.
  • Digital cinemas – we offer Barco cinema solutions to the market where the products are ideal for various applications. The range offers a solution for any type of application any screen size. The projectors used are based on DLP cinema technology which guarantees more up time and phenomenal images.
  • Broadcasting systems – we present the Barco range of studio and monitoring solutions to the market. This range is designed to meet with a variety of broadcasting needs including that of television shows, distribution monitoring rooms, security and even training environments. The range includes everything needed for automation, editing, video servers, mixers, monitors and displays, multi viewers, storage as well as test and measurement products.
  • Media servers – these are used to store media for presentations, displays and so on. They can be used by broadcasting studios, home cinema set-ups and so on. At Questek we have a number of options available for you to consider.
  • Medical displays – we present the Barco range of displays in this category as they have over 20 years of experience in creating these types of products. In this range you will find display and monitoring solutions which are used actively for surgical procedures, radiography, mammography, dental procedures and so much more.
  • Display monitors – we offer screens that are optimised for single lens projectors. These screens offer a great deal to their investors including anti-reflective coating, ultra short built-in depths, enhanced contrast and brightness and improved image uniformity. Our DNP optical screens offer a phenomenal experience to the user who can now control the projected image due to its enhanced optical lens system.
  • Image processing – these systems are designed to be able to analyse and manipulate images, displays, videos and so on. We present only the most technologically advanced units to the market.
  • Video conferencing – our systems and displays are able to work over any network and present a crystal clear image and phenomenal sound. We present the Vidyo product range to the market and this can be trusted with literally all of your video conferencing needs. This system provides HD video conferencing at its best.

While our product range is extensive, we at no point compromise on product quality and value for money. Our clients are encouraged to chat to our consultants about products that interest them and gather more information before committing to an investment or purpose. We guarantee to provide you with a top quality product and absolute value for money.