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Questek Advanced Technologies is a leading video conference display supplier in Southern Africa. We recognize the importance of having the best possible equipment to help minimize costs, improve the delegate experience, and to ensure effective communication.

Why Make Use Of A Video Conferencing Display Supplier?

Video conferencing has become an integral part of business communication today. Enterprises have offices across the country and globe. In order to collaborate effectively on projects without having people travel thousands of kilometres and spending time away from office, companies now employ the services of an experienced video conferencing display supplier such as Questek Advanced Technologies to provide them with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment.

Video Conferencing Display Supplier – Products

Committee meetings are a regular occurrence in the academic field. The costs of such meetings, however, have become a concern of late. With the products available from Questek Advanced Technologies as leading video conferencing display supplier in South Africa, the academic institutions can now have more meetings at a lower cost. With our products the delegate simply pushes a console button to have the camera focus on the relevant person. In addition our products also have automated camera tracking embedded.

Low Maintenance

The equipment available from us is robust in design, requires little maintenance and is energy efficient. Crisp clear images are provided, enhancing the overall conferencing experience.

If you are thus looking for a video conferencing display supplier with a proven track record in successful installations and solutions then the answer is Questek Advanced Technologies. We have already installed custom designed systems at Aspen Pharmacies, SARS, Endemol Productions, RMB, PG Group, Fugro, and the Deutche Bank to name, but a few of our satisfied clients.

Contact us today as leading video conferencing display supplier for an assessment of your conferencing needs and quotes.