Share Your Presentation with Barco ClickShare


Millions of people around the world have been waiting for technology such as Barco’s ClickShare to enter the market place. It is now simply far more convenient and easy to share presentations on large meeting room screens, thereby providing companies with meeting room AV solutions. It is possible to share your presentation with Barco ClickShare literally with only the push of a button. It is really that simple.

What makes ClickShare even more spectacular is the fact that it allows unprecedented participation from meeting attendees in the presentation. Up to four laptops can connect to the large screen and share their Desktop screens at the same time. This not only saves your colleagues the time to unplug and pass around cables, but it also allows for immediate and active participation in the meeting. It has effectively revolutionised the way meetings are conducted around the world.

Mac and PC Solutions

While there are millions of Windows users around the world, Apple users are also growing. To cater to both markets, ClickShare presents both a PC and Mac client that integrate perfectly into both operating systems. Both clients are as user friendly as you expect Barco technology to be and makes for an effortless user experience.

There is also a master dongle that features the “show me only” function. If this dongle button is pressed for longer than 1.5 seconds all content will effectively be removed from the large display screen and be replaced with the master laptop’s Desktop, on full screen display on the large screen. This still gives you a measure of control over the conduct of the meeting.

Single Link DVI-I and DisplayPort Video Output

You can share your presentation with Barco’s ClickShare technology using either the Single Link DVI-I or DisplayPort video outputs. The ClickShare box also includes a DVI to VGA converter. Off the shelf cables make HDMI conversion possible.

After a predetermined amount of time goes by with no activity, such as no dongle being connected to the base unit, the output signal will be muted by the base unit towards the projector or large display screen. Depending on user preference, the projector or display can trigger standby mode. Once the dongle is connected to the base unit again, the single will be restored to the projector or large screen display and show the introduction screen or welcome message. You can also restore the signal to the projector by pressing the base unit’s standby button.

Questek Advanced Technologies is a proud distributor of Barco’s ClickShare in South Africa. We are proud of our industry relationships and partnerships and bring this revolutionary technology to South Africa’s boardrooms and meeting rooms. All our customers get to benefit from our vast buying power and have access to far more affordably and competitively priced audio visual technologies. Due to our commitment to excellence we continue to lead the way in our industry. These are only some of the reasons why you should make use of Questek for all your audio visual requirements. To effectively share your presentation with Barco’s ClickShare make contact today.