Switching And Interfacing

Advanced Switching And Interfacing Equipment For Broadcasting


Questek Advanced Technologies provides a wide range of sophisticated switching and interfacing technologies suitable for broadcasting applications. One of the switching and interfacing technologies worth a mention is the Broadcast Pix system with its 3G Switcher Frame which is said to make 1080p production more affordable.

With the mentioned switching and interfacing technology clients can easily upgrade to the multi-definition environment. It features SDI 1080p and 1080i 720p, and SD as well as DVI simultaneous input and output. This type of switching and interfacing technology is well suited for Blue-Ray, television and Internet as well as live events because of the delay that is a mere 33ms.

What sets the Broadcast Pix 3G Switcher Frame as switching and interfacing technology apart from similar technologies is the fact the it supports 3Gbps using a single SDI cable and can process several 1080/60 streams allowing for stunning video production.

With the 3G being in a separate box, wiring becomes easier and it also increases the input and output. With fast communication with the workstation through high bandwidth bus cable it is possible to have 16 inputs of SD or HD clips and graphics. The redundant interface of this sophisticated switching and interfacing technology also sets it apart from competing products in the market.

Some Of The Key Features Of This Unique Switching And Interfacing Technology:

  • Advanced mixing capabilities
  • Superior effects
  • Wide range of fades
  • Picture in picture effects
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Simultaneous input and output
  • Designed for future applications

Apart from superior switching and interfacing equipment for the broadcasting industry we also provide the following products suitable for the media and broadcasting industry:

  • Automation equipment
  • Editing equipment
  • Video servers
  • Multi-viewers
  • Monitors and displays
  • Mixers
  • Storage
  • Testing

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